Monk Grapes & Spirits, part II

Athens Centre, Karori 4

After almost one year of successful operation, the team of Monk, having experienced along with its customers various phases of the wine bar and the restaurant, recognized thoroughly its operating needs. Therefore, some changes – additions were reviewed in order to improve the functionality and to bring out the best of the product mostly served i.e. the wine.

Thus, a section of the bar was designed to be separated and autonomous; an exclusive section dedicated to wine. It is now set on the front of the restaurant, next to the entrance and along the existing bar following all options regarding maintenance, cooling and presentation.

The wine bar section is now in full view, while the window facing the street was opened so as to offer visual contact and communication with the outdoor part of the restaurant.

At the same time, the loft was redecorated to accommodate the operation of the restaurant, so that the “noise” of the bar is restricted downstairs.


  • Project Architect


  • Complementary to Renovation


  • Construction Detail Study
  • Supervision
  • Interior Design
  • August – September 2015
Ioanna Soulele